I’m Deborah Payne, a graphic designer living in Melbourne, on Florida’s Atlantic coast.

a little background

I have a BFA in graphic design from the University of Illinois. My design career started at IBM and from there I went on to work with companies large and small. I’ve crafted everything from logos and infographics to posters and publications. Alongside my corporate work, I designed a line of greeting cards exhibited at the New York Stationery Show. I was honored to receive three prestigious Louie Awards from the Greeting Card Association.

new beginnings

When I discovered the Apple pencil (I must own every product Apple makes), my love for illustration was reignited. I start with traditional pen and ink sketches on paper which are scanned in and reimagined digitally on my iPad Pro using Adobe Draw. From there the artwork is finessed in Adobe Illustrator to create perfect vector files.

After creating an extensive library of florals, graphic motifs, birds, and animals – both abstract and natural – I began looking for ways to incorporate my drawings into designs for stationery, fabric, home decor and more. This is where my interest in surface pattern design became a passion. I studied the industry and took online courses about techniques, trends and licensing. 

Once I started assembling pattern designs using my library of illustrations, I was captivated. Designing patterns is simply magical (and ever so much fun)! Early on my signature style began to emerge – the distinctive combination of a hand-drawn aesthetic with rich, vibrant and on-trend color palettes. 

looking forward

In mid-2018, with only two dozen pattern designs in hand, I signed up for a 1-on-1 consulting session with successful surface pattern designer Bonnie Christine. This proved to be invaluable! Bonnie’s positive feedback on my portfolio and advice helped me make a plan and develop a timeline. I set out to take my new passion to the next level and show my work to a broad audience.

My goal was to showcase 100+ patterns and several debut collections in May 2019 at Blue Print in NYC. I met my goal and enjoyed a successful first showing at Blue Print. Please follow me on Instagram and watch for updates, stories and design inspirations.